NF05 - sunday round up...
by David Lim

+DOG+ - didn't see

MANIAC! - didn't see

UFO as Bacteria - minimal gear maximum ear damage. grinding harsh wham
18-wheeler as no mercy rolling pin. unforgiving!

Tralphaz - n/a

XOME - is that a kaoss pad? He was true professional. Perfect timing and
signature UHaul furniture moving service but for all pleasure. A girl came up to him after his
set and had an orgasm in front of his face, "You.. you have such CONTROL!"

Leporidae - One reason to keep Sacramento playa's! Thoroughly enjoyed the past
couple of times I've seen her. Best Loop D Loogies. I was lucky enough to pick up one
of those ltd edition 3" cd.

Products of Discordia - Grown man in mask and then he use his sword to stimulate
guitar. This is versus another man is very skinny using a hammer to beat on a metal
board that saids "Mother's Cunt." This is like two bands playing at once. Then they come
together to make one band when they play heavy metal songs. Noise to metal, get it?!

peelS deyaleD - they are on the floor. four guitars. drony sometimes then picked
it up with some clashing rhythmic textures. Some good moments there.

Eat The People - Nico lives but wants to kill herself! More soundscapy rock than
noise. Oil-based projection added to the mood. Half the crowd seemed really into it other
half looking for the fast forward button.

English - Experimental darlings! They pulled off making glitchy lowercase cut-up
computer music without a computer. Baltimore lady tore the belly skin off of
various pedals and hotwired the alligator clips to make live circuit-bending style. The
Korean man was walking around blowing into a balloon funnel then had his trumpet over a mic
to fluctuate feedback. Most sick. Props to Lob for being such a well-oiled MC and
repeatedly pointing out that the oriental was from Baltimore and the white guy was from

INSTAGON - Droid gang bang in the state capital! Star Wars projections and a
battling 6 piece orchestra playing over the shredded corpse of John Williams. If you are
keeping stats at home this is Instagon's 417th show.