a Norcal Noisefest performance series

the loudest breakfast in the valley since 2006
who we are

What is Sacramento Audio Waffle ??
Sacramento Audio Waffle was founded in January 2006
as a live perforamnce series focusing on & exploring the boundries of OUTSIDER SOUND ART
....meaning (but not limited to)...
noise, audio experimentalism, soundscapes, ambience, ect..
PLUS serving warm hot fluffy waffles to everyone that attends too.

this series is presented by Thee Instagon Foundation and the NorCal NoiseFest Org.
and for 2018 will be held at RED MUSEUM in Sacramento, CA

this series happens on the 3rd Sunday every month, with the show time starting around noon..
(occasional variations may happen...) ..

we ask a donation, and we offer a great line up of performers each at each event,
PLUS FREE WAFFLES for everybody that shows up (for as long as they last)...
its the best sunday morning event happening in Sacramento,
and the loudest breakfast in the valley!

folks involved with bringing this conceptual project to life current are
Lob Instagon
Denise Chelini
Andrew Wayne
William Burg